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There are moments that transcend history, that mark a new destiny for the future, and it is sometimes the most unexpected that raise the banner in victory.

I am not a politician, just a Bolivian citizen, and many will question the reason for this writing, but I will take my stand on history, which although rarely used these days, is perhaps the most useful in predicting the future. Plato wisely warned: “Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat her mistakes.” My intention is not to change your political position, but to warn them of errors that could be repeated.

Let us go on an excursion to the past to understand how the bastions of communism are being rebuilt, which our ancestors suffered so to destroy.

World War I, more than a hundred years ago, between confusion and death, left a people especially humiliated – Germans. Twenty years later, they would have their revenge, guided by the genius and brilliant oratory of Adolf Hitler and the nazi regime. It has been well documented that the nazi movement was built on the ideology of Evolution. The vision of the famous “Aryan race” said that some humans had supposedly evolved more than others and that the German race was the superior one, thus excusing the murdering of Jews, blacks, elders, the disabled, etc. The nazi found supporters in Italy and Japan, but their most natural and closest friend was the Soviet Union, or Russia as it is known today. Many historians wonder why the communist Soviet Union did not join Hitler’s Germany, as they shared the Darwinian worldview, replacing God with atheism, and both longed to dominate the entire world.

The Soviet Union, guided by the bloodthirsty Joseph Stalin, who is estimated to have easily killed twenty million of his own people to stay in power, did not want to join Hitler. The simplest reason is ego, for both wanted to dominate the world, but the throne could only belong to one.

The first two share communism, and the first three Darwinism

The nazis lost the war in 1945, thanks to the united effort of brave American and British soldiers entering Berlin from the West, and the Russian communists coming from the East. The famous American general, George Patton, surprised everyone by asking permission to continue the march against the Soviet Union, his ally at that time. No one trusted the Russians, but at the same time they had to acknowledge their help against the nazis. Accepting the Soviet Union within the alliance against the nazis had been very difficult to accept, but it came from an old proverb: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Patton, although his request may sound incoherent, sensed the next great war, which we now call the Cold War. The Soviet Union, as part of the Allies, demanded to rule over several countries in Eastern Europe, which they would supposedly help reestablish and then restore their independence. The Americans, British and French, although disgusted, were forced to accept. When dividing the countries, the line was drawn right through the middle of Berlin. All countries West of the division were given their freedom and helped to resurface economically within their own democracy. The Soviet Union, instead of liberating the Polish, Czech, Ukrainian people, etc., instead subjugated them and began to wash their young people’s brains with communism, forming a massive empire to try to dominate the world. The Berlin Wall was eventually built so that no citizen could leave the Soviet Union, nor be affected by ideas other than those of the State. Gradually the wall came to symbolize the separation between democracy and communism, between freedom and tyranny.

The Cold War is called that, because there was never a massive confrontation; both sides knew that each had nuclear weapons, and at the least altercation could lead to a devastation never before seen in the world. The war was one to show the world who was stronger, between the United States and the Soviet Union, in terms of economic growth, military strength, and the performance of its scientists, inventors and athletes. In 1989, the Soviet Union admitted its defeat, initiated with the famous fall of the Berlin Wall, in November of that year, exactly thirty years ago this month.

The Soviet Union resumed its former name of Russia and opened its doors to the world again, lowering what became known as the “Iron Curtain.” When the Berlin Wall collapsed, not with weapons but thanks to popular support, the world finally saw what was really hiding behind this wall: an earthly hell created by communism. The stories of hunger, corruption, violence, torture, imposition of atheism, etc. they are perhaps the worst known in human history and make the nazi tyranny look like child’s play in comparison.

Yet, when the Soviet Union fell and the world thought that its long battle was won against the communist, they have cunningly been planning their revenge. Its disciples, such as Cuba and China, never fell, despite very precarious times. China in particular, became the new leader of the movement. If you do not know the abominable acts of cruelty, absolute censorship, abuse of human and religious rights in this country, then I recommend taking the time to do so.

What has been the strategy of the new communists to try to conquer the world?

First, given the bloody past of communism, today they prefer to call it “socialism,” but historians know that names are synonyms, a new name for an ancient poison which is in favor of the worst massacres of the last century.

Even in Hitler’s time, Winston Churchill used this name: “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy; its only real virtue is the equality of misery. ”

Peaceful protests in Hong Kong against the Chinese regime are costing them dearly

 Clarification: Many governments today put into practice some facets of socialism by giving a variety of subsidized or free public services, paid for by the government. For example, some countries that provide free health care include Canada, France, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, Chile, Colombia, etc. They clearly believe in democracy and reject all kinds of dictatorship, but see value in some socialist concepts. Its success has been debated, particularly because nothing really is “free”, but it shows that having socialist ideals does not mean practicing pure socialism.

In its attempt to change public opinion, the use of the media showing the US and capitalism as the enemy of progress and of the poor has been crucial. Also, they have infiltrated their beliefs within most large universities around the world to indoctrinate the young. It is surprising to see the outright repudiation dominating most of the media against any thought that values ​​God, the value of life or the sanctity of marriage, because all these things contradict socialism, where people are seen as nothing more than a “sophisticated monkey” to be used by the government.

In recent times, socialists have found curious allies among Muslims, many of whom share their hatred of the US and every country that practices democracy. This connection is not to be taken lightly, because Islam is today the most numerous religion in the world, with more than 2 billion members. While the majority are peaceful, the radical islamic movement has been growing faster than any other religious faction in the world.

Huge amount of Russian money has financed almost every movement of terrorist groups such as Hamas, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and many other jihadists. Powerhouses for radical Islam are particularly found in Iran and Turkey, which also have powerful armies and nuclear bombs, either built or in process. Its invasion in Europe through immigration, although a separate issue, has been alarming, and, together with Islamic teaching that deception is a virtue, provides a fearsome danger to the stability of the world. The creed of radical islamists is the same as the socialists: to dominate the world through dictatorship and oppression. One is an atheist, the other celebrates a god of war, but, as previously seen, the Russians are not afraid of these unions, because: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Russia, China and Iran: a strange coalition

The other path taken by the socialists, guided by China and Russia, has been the systematic invasion of impoverished countries, clearly seen in Africa and South America. Their first stronghold was Cuba, whose ideology slowly expanded throughout Central and South America. The connection with Russia or China was little known to Hispanics, until recently. The socialists there try to take power through democratic elections, giving great promises to the poor, using popular mobilizations and suggesting that it would be for the good of the people. In general, the Latino has woken up to the cancer of socialism, but for many, as in the case of Venezuela, it seems to have been too late.

The first major attempt to strip one of the socialists of South America was with Nicolas Maduro, recognized as a tyrant and dictator. When they were about to achieve their liberation, Russia and China interfered. They showed us that Maduro was a key piece of the new communism in South America and a puppet of Vladimir Putin and the Chinese. In a nutshell, Maduro and every socialist leader is not alone, and to attack one is to face a massive network that aims to conquer the world.

This leads to the next point, the unthinkable achievement of Bolivians and the consequential escape of Evo Morales to Mexico, the least thoughtful place. It is clear that Mexico has now become an important part of the new socialist wall, due to its proximity to the US and the immeasurable power of the cartels that dominate said border. Evo Morales had to show his cards when leaving Bolivia, inciting his people to violence, thus breaking international asylum laws that do not allow such a crime. Mexico has not warned the former Bolivian President, rather treating him as royalty and rewarding him as if he were their own. Why so eager to protect one who calls himself a “humble indigenous”?

I will make it simple: wars cost money, a lot of money. To really understand Bolivia and the power of Evo Morales, I ask you: Can you imagine if Pablo Escobar had become president of Colombia? Evo Morales is probably the most important cocaine supplier in the world, and his government was the way to ensure its safe production and transportation to Mexico. The drugs were then sold in the US, strengthening the cartels on the border and financing the socialist movement, while also weakening its worst enemy, the United States.

The defenders of Evo Morales in Bolivia are neither the majority and many are not even Bolivians. Countless Cuban and Venezuelan soldiers have been found, as well as weapons of heavy caliber, particularly within the area known as Chapare, perhaps the area with the highest cocaine production in the world. This explains the desperation that the Morales government had to have access to the sea, since when countries neighboring Bolivia were flooded by cocaine passing through its borders, they did what they could to shut it down. Now that Evo Morales is gone, those who depend on this source of money, weapons and power are absolutely desperate, and their days may be counted by the same cartels of Mexico, their buyers. These do not fight for Bolivia, but for their own interests.

Far before what happened in Bolivia, the socialist network had grown without being perceived. Countries as small and unknown as Bolivia were just a name on the map for most, not knowing that it was a bulwark of the new communists.

The humble Bolivian did not overthrow the country’s previous government for political reasons, but because they wanted to defend their freedoms and in peace. They do not want to dominate the world, like the nazis or communists, and are tired of being a cog in an international machine of atheism and tyranny. In their struggle for freedom, although without realizing it, they have shaken this entire network of oppression, giving new hope to the world. 

“May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.”

– J.R.R. Tolkien

For most of the world, Bolivia is an unknown land, and for others a forgotten and failed one. A country with a history plagued by corruption, coups and growing racism. Bolivia, lost in the center of South America, today roars and makes itself known!

When all other lights went out and all hope seemed lost, the Bolivian people went to the only light they had left: God. On their knees, and with tears in their eyes, they cried out for their lives and the lives of their children. They did not pray for Left or Right, or for one man or another, rather they cried out for the deepest and most intimate desire of the heart – freedom!


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Christopher R. Mattix

Christopher es un autor, conferencista internacional y misionero. Se graduó con todos los honores con doble licenciatura en Teología de Emmaus Bible College en los Estados Unidos. Ha servido en Bolivia como misionero desde el 2011 y ahora radica en Carolina del Sur, EEUU con su esposa Génesis como "misioneros a hispanos a nivel mundial". Christopher es autor de varios libros, incluyendo el bestseller internacional "Confesiones de un inquisidor", la cual luego fue publicada en inglés. Además, Christopher y su esposa - quién también es una conferencista y su manager - trabajan mucho con redes sociales y marketing digital, además de viajar seguido a nivel nacional e internacional. ¡No olviden seguirnos en Facebook e Instagram! #SoliDeoGloria

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